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Discussion on: What I wish, as a woman in tech, I knew early on?

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John Colagioia (he/him)

In case it helps someone else, a shortcut I've found to getting a sense of company culture (because even as a white guy, I don't want to need to rely on sexists and racists) is to ask about how you'll be expected to interact with people in positions that are "coded" as feminine and non-white. You can justify it (if anybody asks you why you're asking) by pointing out that those "support roles" are important to company health and you want to get a sense of whether you can rely on them.

It's not perfect, but "stupid marketing people keep changing our deadlines even though they don't code, man!" or "the boss will insulate you from needing to interact with those people" are huge red flags that you'll hear regularly.

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