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Discussion on: I've Been Teaching Myself How to Code Full-Time for 2 Months... Now What?

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John Colagioia

Nice! As much as we all say "anybody can do it, if they're willing to put in the work," it's still great when the next person actually does it, because the willingness is the problem.

As for next steps, two big ones come to mind, though your personal path is obviously going to be specific to what you want and the resources near you.

Since you have a previous career, the first is spending some time thinking about what you're doing now could apply to what you were doing then. You might feel behind the curve as a beginner who isn't just out of school, but a lot of managers will accept someone with less programming experience if they already understand the business, and you probably already have contacts in that field.

Speaking of connections, it's tougher during a pandemic, but it'll make life a lot easier if you get to know other developers in your area. Having people you can rely on and who know they can rely on you takes a lot of the bad randomness out of job-hunting, since you become that really smart person they know who's perfect for the open position, instead of just an application in an inbox.

Best of luck!