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Discussion on: How to become a good writer?

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John Colagioia

I don't know if I qualify as a "good writer," but something that helped my confidence to be able to write was a high school class (the AP Language and Composition class--not the literature class--if anybody has access to it, though this was almost thirty years ago, so it may have changed), where the teacher had us write a page on a random topic every day.

Through the first attempts, you feel lost and ramble at best, but eventually, with pen and paper where you can't edit, you get used to coming up with a rough organization at the start and forcing it to work.

These days, I've also become a fan of Proselint to point out some of my inane writing tics before I send out anything big. But like any skill, it's really just about putting in the work and feeding back the useful parts of criticism.

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Shadow Scientist Author

I can remember our English teacher had us to write a paragraph on random topic every week and give points according to our performance.

Firstly I try to write the topic with pen and paper, I really feel lost, with no ideas, thoughts, and a random thing happens and I start writing. Also pen and paper is a good choice for free hand writing as it enables us to transform boring words to playful text, doodling and therefore we complete the task and it makes us happy. :)

I just checked Proselint and it's really great choice for better writing. Thank you for suggesting it. Writing is a skill, that's easy to achieve but hard to hold, practise can make it better. Also criticism is very important. Thanks for pointing that. :)