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I'm currently learning to code. I come from an art and design background.

I'm decently well versed in logic through philosophy etc but I still find the presentation of comp Sci concepts very confusing. They tend to rely on a more mathematical notation sort of approach while logic in philosophy is often explained through example and metaphor which is much easier for me to relate to. I find that cs people tend to be kind of bad at metaphors, often preferring to rely on a pretty literal explanation of an idea rather than actually trying to relate that thing to some kind of visual/visceral instance.

I get the craft aspects of coding but I feel very ill prepared on some of the fundamentals. I'm trying to study that more but it often seems difficult. "why" explanations often seem to be completely absent from many coders minds. I often get explanations of. "what" a thing is when I ask "why" for some reason.

I recently was reading an article which said that success in cs seems to be linked to the ability to decouple mental models. Which I think may be a good description of the issue.


I totally relate. That's why I find Vaidehi Joshi's work so awesome! Check out her blog and podcast,

She includes plenty of visuals (she draws them herself!) and metaphors.

I'm finishing the data structures portion before I move on to algorithms. I like to start with the podcast episode on the topic I'm learning during my commute in the morning and then fortify my learning with the blog post and a couple of corresponding leetcode problems in the evening.

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