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Webstorm def has some better refactoring tools and I think their intellisense in general is better but the thing that really keeps me using vscode besides speed is the fact that being open source and being plugin friendly and being written in web technologies it's an absolute joy to hack out customizations. I have a ridiculously ornate set of configuration files, extension settings and injected css and Javascript scripts that allow me to make it exactly what I want. I love it.

This is also the reason I like the hyper.js terminal emulator is because it's super hackable.

I'm also a designer turned developer so I'm not particularly good compared to what some people can do but that's very motivating to me. Nothing makes me want to learn something more than it being a tool I use daily. It's a little self serving maybe ha!


What have you hacked in it? And I don't mean just installing/configuring plugins for it. It eats a lot of memory for what it does and quite slow too...

But if you like hacking, maybe you can consider too ;)


Basically using a code injection plugin you can inject your own custom css and javascript to manipulate or change the UI in ways that no plugins or default configs allow for. I'm currently just using it to style things in ways which the current theme tokens don't allow for, but eventually I'd like to explore actually directly manipulating things with javascript. Though at that point I should probably just fork vscode itself or perhaps write a plugin for it. Though I believe plugins are limited to what the extension API allows for and I don't think code injection has that limitation. Not sure.

You can see if you'd like here:

I'm still learning a lot of dev stuff and I'd like to package up the changes I make into their own extension eventually once I have time.

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