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I have two kids 5 & 9.
I apply three concepts when it comes to tech.

First, I think tech skills will be important in the future. However, they won't be the skills I currently use (or am interested in developing).

So with that in mind:

  1. Curiosity. If my child is interested in something, I enable them to learn more.

  2. Limits. I've learned to manage the amount of tech my children consume. Allowing my children to watch YouTube videos all-day does not help. I also do this by spending time with my kids on non tech activities. Regular Parenting rules apply.

  3. Patience. No one learns when they're over excited about something. Because I work in tech, my kids are already exposed to it. They've gone with me to the office on Saturdays while I upgraded our network switches, etc.. To them my job is boring.
    When it comes time to learn about programing, they light up and get excited. So it helps me to remember this.

From my perspective, my kids see tech like a black box that does crazy things.

Enabling them to learn how this black box works is the goal.

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