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Add/ Delete PDF Page in Java

jazzzzz profile image Jane ・2 min read

Sometimes when we receive a PDF document, we may only need some pages of the whole PDF document. Or we may need to insert a new page to add some new contents. In this article, I will demonstrate how to add and delete the PDF page in Java application.

Free Spire.PDF for Java
● IntelliJ IDEA

Method 1: Download the Free Spire.PDF for Java and unzip it.Then add the Spire.Pdf.jar file to your project as dependency.

Method 2: You can also add the jar dependency to maven project by adding the following configurations to the pom.xml.

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Firstly, the original PDF document is shown as below:

Java Code

import com.spire.pdf.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.print.*;
import java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D;

public class Print {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws PrinterException {

        //Load the PDF document
        PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument();
        pdf.loadFromFile("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Desktop\\The Scarlet Letter.pdf");

        //Delete the second page

        //Add a new page to PDF document
        PdfPageBase page = pdf.getPages().add();

        //Draw text string to the newly added page and set the font for it.
        PdfTrueTypeFont font= new PdfTrueTypeFont(new Font("Arial Unicode MS",Font.PLAIN,14),true);
        PdfRGBColor blue = new PdfRGBColor();
        blue.setB((byte) 255);
        PdfSolidBrush brush = new PdfSolidBrush(blue);
        Rectangle2D.Float rctg1 = new Rectangle2D.Float();
        rctg1.setRect(0,70,page.getCanvas().getClientSize().getWidth() / 2,100);
        page.getCanvas().drawString("This is a newly added page ", font, brush, rctg1);

        //Save the document

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Alt Text

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