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The magic of technology has always excited me. At the young age of five, I was infatuated with robots (toy robots), loved playing video games, regularly on the computer, and explored all the realms the internet had to offer. Since then technology has been a great influence in my life, my work, and my passions. I couldn’t imagine a day-in-age where technology didn’t have some effect on a person or even play a large role in one’s everyday life.

This story starts out with potentially high expectations of a technological background derived from early experiences with technology, but sadly to say I never took my passions or interest to heart. First, as I began to embark out into college I absolutely had no idea what I wanted to be or even what I wanted to do--just like many young and older individuals today. The one idea in my mind was that I would earn a business degree and pursue some type of general knowledge in order to obtain a job that I could one day be good at, and I suppose possibly enjoy. Needless to say, I found myself at the back in school even after acquiring a Masters in Business Administration.

It turns out that my theory of simply having the business background wouldn’t land me a great job that I would love to do; this pursuit would take time in order to get where I was wanting to go. The real truth is that I needed to narrow down a skill that I could continue to develop and actually apply towards a career of my own interests. Technology! Technology in some way or another was the direction I wanted to apply myself. I thought, “How can I apply myself to technology?” The answer to that is why I’m writing this short story now. I’ve always wanted to know how the internet works, software is created, and all the logic that is involved; it would be these thoughts along with supporting friends and family that would kickstart my software engineer adventure.

Second, it is absolutely important for me to discuss all of the hardships I had when I started to learn code. So, so, so difficult at the time and I felt immensely pressured to be good at coding let alone get it first try. It turned out that I would be retaking my first module in order to have a better base of knowledge. I can’t express how stressed I was and the maximum amount of my time I applied myself in learning how to code--absolutely does not help to stay up all night and try to learn/cram material. With these trials I’ve come to the conclusion that if one is starting to learn code with no background practice these steps:

-Be consistent with your practice
-Don’t try to force it
-Take breaks
-Eat, sleep, and have fun

After I finished restudying up and completing the what it is I first failed at, it became clear to me that I can do this; I’m not am not an imposter. If you have enough aptitude and take the time to devote yourself you can be great at anything--it’s just a matter of time and experience. I’m constantly learning new things; and moreover, I need to remind myself that it only takes time and practice to become well established with any material.

In conclusion, one of the most important parts of this program to me is that I take what I can get from every experience, every person, and allow all those aspects to influence my life in a better way. It’s taken 28 years to figure out that being a businessman and making a lot of money does not depict happiness. You should enjoy whatever it is you want to do; figure out ways that you can ensure your success. If it wasn’t for my sister Shelby I possibly wouldn’t be here talking to you lovely people. She not only encouraged me to become a software developer, but sees the passion I have for technology, the potential, and overall fortitude.

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Hey Gang! Just wanted to let you know about a couple loves in my life; their names are: video games, food, tech, and cool stuff--you get the gist! :) Lul


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