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re: What I Learned From Trying To Be a Team Player For 2 Years VIEW POST

re: I agree it’s definitely much harder said than done, and I needed to fail from petty mistakes to discover it. On the other hand, one can only be so ...

My partner works at a corporate firm at the "forefront" of their field, and actually challenged me on some of these points. I felt mindblown.

He said that it takes a while to learn office politics–when to say no, when to ignore emails, when to pretend you didn't hear, when to not apologize. I was like "uhhh those are the hallmarks of unhealthy relationships and poor communication". He was like "No, you need to play the game."

Do you agree?

I think you’re both right, in that there’s a balance. It’s just been my experience, but I often have to compromise how I work in some way - but as long as I’m not compromising my core principles I can cope with issues for long enough to make a positive impact before finding my next opportunity.

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