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9 Projects you can do to become a Python Master in 2020

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Hello guys, learning a new technology is not easy and Python is no exception. Even though people may say that Python is simple and easy to learn you still need to work hard to learn Python, at least to become a professional Python developer.

One way to accelerate your learning is building projects, which not only give you a perspective to learn a programming language but also teach how you use its feature for a practical purpose.

If you are learning Python and want to build real-world projects to become a Python master or already know python but looking for some project ideas to take your Python skill to next level then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to share some of the project-based free courses which you can use to not only build projects using Python but also learn Python better. These are also completely free courses from sites like Udemy and Coursera and made free by their instructor for educational and marketing purposes.

Though, you should check the price before you join because some instructor converts their free course to best one after they reach their marketing goals.

Coming back to Python, it's probably the best thing you know to learn now. Python is a versatile language with broad usage. You can use Python for web development, automation, Machine Learning, and Data Science. You can also use Python to get a freelance job or get a job in big tech companies like Google. There are very few languages where both of these possibilities.

I have been saying that every programmer should learn Python and this post is the next in that series. In the past, I have shared 15 free Python courses and 5 Best Python courses to help my reader get the best resources to learn Python.

This is very important becuase the internet is full of resources, both free and paid and if you are not careful you will spend all your time by doing a resource hoping that's where a curated list of courses helps.

If you are new to Python and can spend a few bucks, I highly recommend The Complete Python Bootcamp course by [Jose Marcial Portilla]on Udemy, one of the best online Python courses. It's not free but you can get it on just $10 on Udemy sales. It also includes a final project you will build as part of the course.

Remember, nothing helps you more than actually building stuff so go ahead, sharpen your mind and learn Python.

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9 Projects you can do to become a Python Developer in 2020

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the 5 projects any beginner learning Python can build and learn Python at the same time.

1. Build a Virtual Assistant

In this project, you will build your own virtual assistant using the Python Programming Language! A virtual assistant is an application that can understand voice commands and complete tasks for a user. Google's assistant and Amazon's Alexa are good examples of virtual assistants.

If you need any help with the project, you can check out the Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant, a free Python course from Udemy. It's a project-based course, which is great to learn and build something. As part of this course, you will go from basic python to creating a virtual assistant for your computer

Here is the link to join the course for FREE: Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant

2. Build a Reconnaissance Scanner

In this project you will build a Reconnaissance Scanner that will scan any website that is available over the internet and will provide you with results in a file.

If you need help then you can check out Python Programming --- Build a Reconnaissance Scanner, another free, project-based course to learn Python in 2020. In this course, you will learn how to use Python 2.x and Python 3.x in Ubuntu and

Here is the link to join the course for FREE: Python Programming --- Build a Reconnaissance Scanner

3. Build a Rock Paper Scissors Game Clone

Creating games is probably the best way to learn coding, logic, and any new programming language like Python. It also gives you a feeling of creating something useful.

This is another free, project-based course to learn Python online from your home or office which provides A deep guide into creating a Rock Paper Scissor program in Python.

Here is the link to join the course for FREE: Rock Paper Scissors --- Python Tutorial

4. Create a URL Shortening Service like bit.ly

If you want to do web development, creating websites and web applications then Python is a great choice. It has a lot of great frameworks like Python and Flask which makes it easy to create web applications.

This free Python course will teach you Django, one of the most powerful web frameworks that makes it easy to build web applications it's why it's the #1 Python library

Here is the link to join the course for FREE: Try Django 1.10 | Create a URL Shortening Service

image_credit --- Grokking the System Design Interview

5. A Cryptocurrency Portfolio App

You can build a project to track all of your crypto assets with ease. See the total value of all your crypto assets combined along with detailed information about each one. Positive and negative values are color coated green and red.

If you need help, check Python & Cryptocurrency: Build 5 Real World Applications, a free Python course on Udemy.

6. A Real-Time Price Alert App

In this project, you need to build a Real-time price alert app that will notify you when cryptocurrencies hit certain prices in USD. You can keep this program running in the background. Your computer will shout things like, 'Bitcoin hit $12000!'.

If you need help, check Python & Cryptocurrency: Build 5 Real World Applications, a free Python course on Udemy.

7. Top 100 Cryptocurrency Ranking App

In this mini-project, you need to build a ranking app for Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Libra, etc where you can sort by rank, daily percentage change, or daily volume. Positive and negative values are color coated green and red, something like CoinMarketCap.com

If you need help, check Python & Cryptocurrency: Build 5 Real World Applications, a free Python course on Udemy.

8. Predict The Future Values of the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies

This is another mini-project to explore what the price of cryptocurrencies will be if the global market cap hits certain levels (such as world stock market levels)

The last course, I am going to share with you is a free course for Python developers which will help you with these projects. If you stuck you can join this course to follow along.

Here is the link to join this course for free --- Python & Cryptocurrency: Build 5 Real World Applications

That's all about some of the best Projects you can do to learn Python in 2020. These are great projects, neither trivial nor super-complicated which makes them ideal for a beginner learning Python. I have also shared accompanied free Python courses which can help you if you got stuck.

If you need more projects, you can also check out The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications course on Udemy, which provides step by step guide on building 10 real-world projects like

  1. Create a web-mapping app on the browser
  2. Create a desktop app for storing data for books
  3. Create a web scraper
  4. Create a database app
  5. Create a website blocker
  6. Create an app that translates English words
  7. Create a portfolio website and publish it on a real server
  8. Create a webcam video app that detects moving objects
  9. Create a data visualization app
  10. Create a geocoding web app
  11. Use Python to schedule programs based on computer events.

More Resources

And, If you are serious about learning Python in-depth, here are some more free and paid resources for Further Learning

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these Python books, then please share this article with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note, and if you have a Python book which I should read, feel free to share it with us.

P. S. - If you prefer interactive reading and learn-by-doing rather than reading books or watching videos then you can also take a look at the Codecademy's Learn Python 3 course, it's an awesome course to learn Python by doing. It's part of their Pro Package but worth learning.

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