10 Data Structure and Algorithms Articles Beginners Should Read this Weekend

javinpaul on June 09, 2019

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Sweet collection of resources. I really appreciate that you included some language-specific resources as I'm always looking to improve my Javascript and programming skills at the same time.
You did repeat the same three resources at the end of the article though. Maybe you can just re-list every resource in this article at the end for easier reference?


Thank you z2lai, I agree that language specific resource makes it easier to learn and understand.


Very nice article, very useful !
I would love to see an example of the application of each patterns in the first article (ex: solving Maximum sum subarray of size ‘K’ using a sliding window)


Love this. I especially love the references to other resources. But really, I love it all.


Everytime u write something it becomes viral haha, awesome articles!


Thanks @adrian , it because of you guys who love to read, without you - readers, I am nothing.


Very helpful article! Saving this one. Thanks!


A really good article! And I would also add that it does not matter if you have like 30 years of coding experience, coming back to the basics it's something everyone should do in a recurrent manner.


Very thorough and helpful!

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