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re: Hi Javier, I enjoyed the post 😊, tho it was amazingly coding full for me. But I got the message. I have questions tho, I'm currently building a web...

I haven’t used red5 in a while but I think the biggest problem you could challenge is concurrency and delay if the media server isn’t hosted on a powerful machine or nor have load balancing. Hopefully, VPS are faster these days. That was the problem we had with red5 10 years ago, too slow, but hardware has evolved. On the other side, I find interesting you’ll be using react! I’m kinda a VueJS person but react has plenty UI tools like video players that could help you. And one question, why don’t you start a MVP first using YouTube live? Is that a big team? Because you could focus first on the UI and later on the middleware.

I definitively would like to test your product one day. I think it will be amazing!


Thanks for your response.
So we are looking at broadcasting to over a million viewers. At speaking with red5, the price where off the roof😂. What streaming service can help me streaming over 500k users. One to many.

With no joke, YouTube through WebRTC :/

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