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Discussion on: No, you're not bad at math

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JavaScriptErika • Edited on

Thank you so much for sharing! I've been recently diving back into math, and plan to take Khan Academy courses to do so (along with the electrical engineering path)!

I enjoyed math in school, but didn't have practical applications for trig for instance, so I just kind of lost it. I also felt like there were gaps along the way as you mentioned in your post.

Jumping into web animation, let alone canvas (p5js is an awesome JS library for canvas) I realize how much math and physics I want to understand and implement it in code to take animations to the next level!

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Arik Author • Edited on

Really cool. And I totally agree. If someone would have shown me what math is good for way back when, I might have figured that it's worth learning or even pursuing. Math was too abstract for me to see the connection. But once I saw its application in computer science I realized what I had been missing on and decided to find a way to learn it.