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Why I learnt HTML for a whole year

Hi everyone,
My name is Gladness but I am called Burger on Twitter.
Straight to how I learnt HTML for a whole year.

I started HTML as a pure newbie, I knew nothing and I had no one to put me through. I made my way into Coding all by myself because there was nobody in my environment that codes not even in school not even an uncle or teacher or neighbor, nobody.
Worst of all I had no mobile device to practice it nor a laptop but I seriously wanted to learn how to code.
I started Coding at the age of 13years, it was tough then. But one fateful day my class mate came over to me and discussed that he would love to also learn how to code. We talked this through until he told me his Dad was a Software Engineer before he died. On hearing his death, I was very sad because I thought I had met someone to teach me to code. I asked my friend if he had books he uses and he said he has a lot of them. I was happy and I persuaded my friend to bring me one of his books. And he brought books that talked about "HTML, Dhtml, Javascript" I started with HTML and that was how I started my Dev journey.

Why did I learn HTML for a year?

  • I didn't believe in myself
  • There wasn't device for constant practice
  • I wasn't determined then that I could make it
  • I had problem with my parents discouraging me now and then.
  • I wasn't devoted to what I was learning.
  • While learning I got to a hard point I didn't understand, I wasn't persistent enough to learn and understand.
  • I gave up at some point.

All the points above made me to learn HTML that could be learnt thoroughly for a week in a year. It's so sad and I'm bad about it but I am glad that I am getting better at it and I'm almost through with everything related to CSS moving on to Javascript. It has been much fun for me. Now I am 17years still enjoying my code journey as a kid.

If you love this article kindly drop a like, drop a positive comment or motivation and don't forget to follow me as I'm gonna be writing articles on HTML and CSS, I know there are many articles and blogs that discussed it but another way of explanation could make use understand nwhat you thought you understood. I look forward to impacting in your lives.
Happy Coding 👩‍💻👩‍💻

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Favourite Jome

Awesome journey

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Burger Author

Yeah thanks❤️