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Discussion on: 5 reasons why we ended up rewriting the whole application before its release

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Kudos on being so open, honest, and articulate about this project and what you’ve learned!
“ … we successfully developed more than 100 projects and thought this should be just one more ...”
“ … initial estimate was much bigger compared to anything else we were working on before.”
“The team was not comfortable with the chosen technologies … “
“ … didn't have a lot of experience with the business domain … “
“ … new roles were introduced: product manager, business analyst, and tech lead.
“ … decided to create a project specification with all the features, and a long-term development plan.”
In fifty-plus years in software engineering, these issues have come up in project after project … so often I added the quotes: these ‘problems’ seem to be the ‘norm.’

Any shop that wants/expects to grow and flourish would do well to read and reread your post … and give a lot of thought and discussion to these issues. (IMHO) This kind of work makes software engineers out of coders/programmers.