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re: Note: this is more about the how than the what. My goal until the end of the year is to build (as a side effect) a stronger foundation in vanilla ...

What does your week/day look like? I'm trying to find a rhythm that works in terms of being pacing and retention


At the moment, it looks a mess. Isn't intentional, I have a few other activities filling the time in random periods. But, to be fair, it feels good to alternate having more or less time to study. When I do not have time to get "saturated", retention is boosted. That being said, I actually prefer to have a not too rigid routine.

Something that I started doing in the last week and works well for me, is also to alternate topics (or same topic, different points of view/paradigm/language/platform/etc) and come back after a few hours/days to the previous. Probably not the most time effective method!

Again, it is Work in progress... :)

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