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I think there's a good reason for why so many frameworks exist. It's rare to find developers that truly think/code the same way. A Java/C++ developer looks at JavaScript with disgust, but TypeScript makes sense to them. The same thing happens on the frontend.. Angular makes sense to those of us that have been with it since the beginning, but we look at React and get headaches trying to figure it out. However, VueJS not so much, it's a simpler way to do what Angular can do, without all the drama.

Newer developers don't seem to have an issue with writing HTML inside javascript code blocks, and so they lean towards React. Those people clearly dip their chocolate chip cookies in the Ketchup. But hey, to each their own.

At the end of the day, you go with the method/framework that you can wrap your head around, without making you look like a fool.


When I started web development you would be in the hall of shame if you would mix HTML and js and CSS.

It was an anti-pattern.

I still think JSX is not the right way to go.

That's why I like for example sveltejs more.

And yes everybody should use whatever he or she likes!

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