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Discussion on: How do non-native English speakers cope with language specific concepts (they learnt in English) in their mother tongue?

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Currently my niece who’s native tongue is Brazillian Portuguese I am teaching JavaScript. We use the English variants of the language, however for her to understand the concepts I do teach her the word and it’s context in Português. This can be challenging as my Português is very limited.

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Romulo G Rodrigues

In Brazil we mostly use the English words, in college, classes and courses, teachers try to translate and make it more approachable and relatable giving meaningful translations, but learning the translations can make it really harder to search for answers on the web, because of this we use the original terms most of the time and a lot of people use those words as if they were BR Portuguese words, adding gender, conjugating tenses, etc. This happens a lot more around gaming. So "to fork a repo" becomes "forkar um repo", "to build" becomes "buildar", "to code" becomes "codar"... Because of this I find kinda funny how we talk in a mixed language of BR Portuguese and English in Dev circles and conferences.