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Discussion on: How to Write a Good Blog Post

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Jason Brown

Great points raised above.

I'd like to suggest people spend a bit of time on the title or "headlibne" as this is what first draws people.

Mainly; undersell. Titles or headlines often end up saying things that are not actually in the actually article. If a word is not in the article, don't put it in the title.


Seek out the most unusual, eye-catching aspect of your article. For example, for this article, I might have written "Blogging - spending the longest time can bring the worst result", then structured the article around that premise.

Or, more positively, the shortest time brings best results!

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Ryland G Author

I really should have had a section on title, can't believe I forgot. That's also a great tip Jason! I usually try to condense as much value in one sentence as possible.