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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v33

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Jason Brown

newb stumbles in from participating in tech forums and bulletin boards, clutching their face, screaming

"Arghhhh! My eyes!"

...peeks around...

"Oh, thank GAWD, a UI that doesn't suck.."

Praise be to for providing a forum not hiding behind dense layers of jargon and emojis from 20 years ago.

As a journo of (gulp) 40+ years, I have been a long-time mouth breather when it comes to developer matters. But I've also learnt that non-tech people can spot errors, gaps and other issues, sometimes faster than techs, too frantic with code to worry about user experience.

Bigger picture, very interested in #tech #ethics when it comes to freedom of expression and access to information. This includes privacy aspects of open source, much less scrutinised than say Windows.

Having had a quick look around, this is a first time in a while I've looked forward to learning more. Can tell from the almost cunningly simplistic interface that there's been quite some thought lavished.