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Discussion on: How I Get Things Done When I'm Feeling Overwhelmed

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Jason Brown • Edited on

Great stuff.

As an old journo newb to even basic Linux stuff, the overwhelm is real :)

Putting my hand up for anxiety and depression as well, off but mostly on in a stressful job. For those just starting out, these kinds of small victories Ashlee mentions are strategic. As she says, be gentle with yourselves.

For those further along the track, take the time to follow the tip about taking stock where you've come from. Ten years ago, I was a burnt-out wreck, barely able to peep from out under the bed covers, let alone hold a conversation. Today, anxiety and depression still create daily challenges, but the daily little bits help you put them in place too, even if it's just saying short-order words like "calm", and "tranquility", and "beach", or "mountain."

10 second calmer - if you're near greenery, look at it. Trees, an indoor pot plant. We're hardwired for nature, so even just a few seconds eyeballing natural green stuff can help calm and reset the brain.

Loving this site already!