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Discussion on: From Waiter to Developer

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thanks for reading my article. I did only a few programming challenges or coding katas that show you problem solving and algorithmic thinking. Here is one i remember: Project Euler. I just spent my time on projects that were interesting to me and see how far i can get. i just googled my way though problems when i hit them. I dont know if that was the best method. i dont think so. I was always interested in 3D game programming and did a lot of experiments and little games. I even created my own little game engine. My problem solving and algorithmic skills mostly come from there. In my day job as a React Developer i dont need those skills very often. Also most of the backend work i did was just "simple" CRUD. I dont know if i can give you a good advice here, but as long as you have fun while exploring a topic or particular field you love, you will get the skills on the way. I hope this helps you.

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Thnks man , mean a lot to me.
About that, having fun while exploring . It is really a cool way to learn. Never thought of it that way.
It really pumped me up.