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I was 21 years old trying to figure out what I wanted to do career-wise since becoming a doctor wasn't meant for me (I was still in my 1st year of undergrad, just grew disinterested as the school year went along). So I went back to a community college near my home, was looking for classes to sign up for when I stumbled upon the CS classes and saw "Intro to Java". I've heard of Java before but didn't really know what it was.
One big thing was that I have never coded or ever seen code before taking the class so setting up the JVM and Eclipse was like a big "HUH??", but after getting everything set up and followed the example of the obligatory "Hello World" program, I was blown away.
I was blown away by the fact I was able to make my computer say that and felt a rush of excitement because I was able to make my computer do things that I wanted to do.
3 years later, on the way to getting a B.S in CS and I still get that rush of excitement whenever I'm able to solve a problem.


Best of luck with your degree! Still coding in Java?

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