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Collaborating with other developers on GitHub


My second lab using open-source development. I can say it has been going great. I was able to find a contributor to work with on each other's code. I knew this lab was not about developing my code. Instead, working on someone else's code. Also, to avoid any discrepancy in code, trying to maintain the original style.

Contribution to someone's project

I started working on Alex's code. I found it clear with instructions on how to use node.js. I made the issue work by adding a feature to support markdown files to generate HTML files. Now, the original code forked to my Github account. I created the issue-8 branch and started working on developing the code to support MD files. I choose many features for Md files to support as # heading #, italics and bold.


Well, I tested the code on an online compiler and also on my local computer. I wanted to review the code before making the pull request. So, I had to take a lot of tests. Well, once i created pull request. It was responsibility of owner to review changes and provide green flag to merge pull request. However, there were some minor changes to pull requests.

Contribution on my project

My Project got submission by Alex. Contributor added the feature to support md files. The feature also included the use of italic tag being converted to html. Despite of never working with swift. Contributor was able to understand my code and make necessary changes. There were some issues as swift was not running on windows due to some path issues which will be resolved in the near future. In the end, we merged the pull requests with a lot of testing and reviewing.


This lab helped me to learn about working on someone else's repo. Step by step firstly, forking and cloning other projects. Then, creating branches to work on new features and fix bugs. Also, working on code you didn't write, trying to maintain the original style and not break things. I also worked with new language and with Markdown. Most importantly, creating pull requests and collaborating with other developers on GitHub.

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