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How 5G Will Open-Up New Doors of Opportunities for IoT Devices in 2021?

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2010-2020, the decade of innovations, world records, and some of the most drastic changes in the tech world has finally come to an end. It is really strange to believe how things have developed in this exact decade. It feels like yesterday when we had upgraded our 3G networks into 4G and were left overwhelming with its performance. This was the decade when almost every single one of us saw the applications of the concepts which were only an imagination. If it wasn’t for this decade, none of us would have imagined the daily life use cases of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine learning, etc. But as they say, every ending is a new beginning and I believe that the year 2021 is going to be one of the most crucial years in terms of tech advancements. The biggest of all for which I am excited is 5G and all the possibilities of IoT Devices which it will bring with it.

The world of interconnected devices has been a highly anticipated topic for quite some time now and with the development of 5G networks, the dream of having flawless internet of things is finally taking shape. The 5th generation of mobile networks has arrived and alongside has brought some amazing innovations and hopes for IoT to find its charm in the year 2021. Internet of things has been around for a long time now and has rapidly started to take over the tech world in the last 5 years. Smart homes, automated systems, self-driving cars, interlinked devices, mobile assistants, and what not, IoT has brought a technical revolution into the world globally and with 5G connectivity, it is going to get better and better. Wondering how? Keep reading the article as we move step by step and & understand how 5G will be the game changer for IoT devices.

Understanding the Emergence of 5G and Its Applications
As you already might be familiar with the concepts of mobile connectivity, the first generation or 1G was all about voice calling that brought a revolution for the entire mankind. 2G introduced the concept of texting which took over the world real quick. If you remember your 2G days you might be familiar with the rush that one used to get when the phone used to go Ping! and it was a text message from a friend and not spam. After it, came the most anticipated upgrade, 3G, and it didn’t disappoint. The third generation of mobile connectivity brought the world into the hands of a human being, it was the era of the internet and data, and while 3G introduced the concept of high-speed internet, 4G was the real generation that actually brought high-speed networks to a common man. And now 5G, the fifth and the latest generation of the mobile connectivity and networks is all set to take over the world.

Many mobile network carriers started to deploy 5G in 2019 but due to one reason or the other, it was not available worldwide till late 2020. In today’s day and age when almost every single thing, from making a simple call to booking a stay in Dubai, everything is done with a smartphone, 5G is going to be one of the biggest assets in 2021.

Some of the important features of 5G that the world ( including me ) is looking forward to are -

  1. Insane Browsing, Upload, and Download Speeds - There is no doubt that with 4G and fiber networks at our hands, we are already having a great internet browsing speed and with the emergence of 5G networks the expectations have suddenly risen to a whole new level. With the current testings by Verizon, it is expected that 5g will be able to deliver 1GB/s of download and upload speeds! Now that’s pretty insane, isn’t it? If you find it insane then wait for a few months as you will be able to practically see it in your hands after the deployment of 5G is finished.

  2. Bringing Better Economic Growth - Yes, you might find it bizarre, but the emergence of 5G will affect the entire world in all ways and the economy is one of them. According to a study by the tech giant Qualcomm, 5G is expected to bring a growth of approximately 2.1 Trillion Dollars in the overall GDP. The study also mentions that the growth and the input of 5G in establishing the industries and providing economic support will be visible by the year 2035.

  3. Reduced Latency Rates - The current latency rate for 4g networks is 200ms and from that, 5G will work with the latency rate of just 1ms! To experience the power of AR and VR, the first and foremost thing required is a network that has low latency. 5G is going to be the network with the least latency enabling a lot of tasks to be completed easily such as creating depth in the VR experience, enabling the fast loading of AR applications, helping the communications in critical operations, and much more.

  4. Better Bandwidth Per Unit Area - 5G is all set to provide better bandwidth in comparison to 4G LTE. It is expected that the bandwidth for 5g will be 1000x per unit area which is a massive number and an accomplishment in itself. It will also provide a great coverage area and boasts 100% coverage i.e no network losses which has been one of the biggest issues with mobile connectivity so far. Imagine the possibilities you can unlock with a network that provides 100% back up for data connectivity. This is truly going to be the upgrade everyone was waiting for.

  5. Better Network Optimization - 5G is not just a network, it is beyond that. It is expected that the battery consumption of these networks will be highly optimized resulting in better performance for battery-powered devices. This is a big development as battery issues are always the worse to deal with and creates havoc for IoT powered devices. With 5G, the network processing will become better, and overall power consumption will decrease and with the massive battery capacity smartphones are offering nowadays, the dream of surviving 4-5 days with unbeatable connectivity might soon turn into reality.

There are a lot more things that we all are yet to experience. All in all, we can say that 5g is going to be a revolution that the tech industry was waiting for. On the other hand, the Internet of things has been around for a long time now and, with the emergence of 5G it might finally reach up its potential. It is truly a great experience to see conceptual things like self-driving cars and automated robots come to life and actually interacting with Google, Microsoft, Apple almost every other company has great plans with the emergence of 5G and all we can say is that the innovations will keep on coming.

Now, let's move on to the question of the hour, what will be the impact of 5G networks on IoT devices and how it will open up new doors for IoT enabled devices.

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IoT & 5G: What Should We Expect?
Now that you are familiar with the capabilities of 5G, things should have started to clear up in front of you that how 5G will be a game-changer for IoT devices. Internet of things is mankind’s first step towards an automated world, a world where there are no lags, a world where a car drives itself and alerts your house that you are about to reach, a world where power saving is not a concern because the lights are smart enough to turn on and off accordingly, a world where you never have to turn on/off a switch and all of this is possible with the help of IoT.

Internet of Things, is one of the most anticipated fields of technology that is yet to be completely explored. It has been around us for a long time. The term IoT was coined two decades ago but still, most of the potential of the technology remains untouched. According to the experts, 2021 is going to be a crucial year for the future of IoT devices, and here‘s why -

  1. 5G Will Strengthen the Eco-System - The biggest requirement of IoT devices is a smooth ecosystem. An IoT ecosystem refers to a group of devices that work in sync to complete a task or create an automated process. Before 5G networks were implemented lack of synchronization was a key factor that used to affect the working and now with 5G’s low latency networks, it is expected that the ecosystem of IoT devices will get better and better. The working of such automated devices requires a good quality network and while these devices struggle today, 5G will help them to work more efficiently.

  2. 5G Will Bring More Growth - Industrialists from across the globe have their eyes on IoT for a long time but they never invested in it because of the lack of use cases and applications. Now that we will have the most required resource in our hands, more and more growth opportunities will emerge in the IoT sector. It is already understood that till now the revenue generation was only from the connectivity of devices and their ability to work in a closed environment but now, after the development of 5G revenue opportunities have also arisen in the sector of the platform enabling IoT based applications and services based on IoT. The internet of things industry has always been a bit of mystery as to nobody has known the possibilities of what can be achieved by it and I believe that the upcoming year has nothing but good news and opportunities in the field.

  3. Possibilities in Test and Electronic Markets - With the introduction to 5G and new IoT applications, the use of electronic vehicles, and autonomous driving, the demand for interconnected electronic devices is expected to grow. In a report by the pioneers in market research, Frost & Sullivan, the entire electronic test and measurement market is expected to hit a massive $18.4 billion mark by 2025 with the help of various applications of IoT and 5G. Testing is a crucial vertical in any field of technology and with the help of efficient networks and an optimized ecosystem of electronic devices such as semiconductor automatics test equipment (SATE), IoT will unlock new possibilities in the field.

  4. Better Remote Access to Devices - Automated machinery in factories has always been a questioned application of IoT. Is it safe to access a machine remotely where there is a possibility of a hazard? Well, now it is. 5G will enable better connectivity which means that we will be able to use heavy machinery remotely which will not only help industries to reduce manpower at hazardous places but will also ensure the safety of workers. This is one of the biggest and most important advancements that will not only be helpful for factory owners but will also leave a positive impact on the workers as now they will not have to work under extreme conditions for a long time or put their lives on the line just in the name of “ earning”. All thanks to the seamless connectivity of 5G.

  5. Revolutionize the Medical Industry - Talking about remote surgeries, the work of creating a mobile medical industry has been the dream of technical heads for a long time now, and finally with the resources such as IoT and 5g in hand, soon this dream will be accomplished. Remote examination, medicine suggestions after analyzing the symptoms, and much more will be possible with the help of 5G and IoT devices as these technologies will help in increasing the uplink speed of the connectivity which will help in transferring images that can be used in the remote examination of the patient. It will also help in developing some next-generation tools which may help in improving the quality of human life.

  6. Great Advancements in Wearable Technology - Wearable tech gadgets are one of the most futuristic devices we have ever created. With significant improvements in the field of IoT, the scope of innovations in wearables is going to take a hike. To date, we are already seeing some tremendous achievements in the field, as we can control a lot of devices with our watches but now that IoT is more powerful than it has ever been, we can expect that remotely controlling a car with the help of sunglasses can also be turned into a reality.

  7. Increased Efficiency in Smart Cities - The dream of having smart cities is a very long time coming and finally with the help of high coverage networks of 5G and super-smart device support of IoT, the vision is going to become a reality. A lot of cities in the world including New York, London, Copenhagen, etc. are on the verge of becoming smart and autonomous cities with the help of smart passage doors, automated token counters, and much more.

  8. Commercial Success For IoT Devices - Well it is no rocket science that the success of all the devices based on IoT is dependent on how rapidly they can interact with each other and of-course, to interact they require a hi-speed connectivity medium. 5G offers the low latency and high bandwidth connectivity solution to all the IoT devices making them more and more advanced and better. What this actually means is that people will no longer have second thoughts before buying a smart IoT device and switching to an automated lifestyle which ultimately makes these devices a successful product from the commercial point of view.

  9. Flawless Security Measures & Solutions - Let’s face it, we can not stay available everywhere, every time and one day or the other we are going to depend on smart devices such as smart locks, safes and alarm systems to help protect our households. Well the good news is that with 5G in our hands, we can actually depend on these security measures provided by smart IoT devices. As you already are familiar now that 5G will reduce the latency in receiving and sending data, we can easily rely on the IoT security devices as it will become more and more efficient.

  10. New Opportunities in the Defence Sector - With 5G networks backing up the army bases and strengthening the connectivity, loss of critical information and confidential data will soon become the thing of the past and with advancements in IoT sector, we might even witness some of the automated devices being used on the front. This can really open up new opportunities in the defence sector as the previous generation of IoT devices was not reliable to be used in critical operations but the emergence of 5G will definitely open up new opportunities in the field. We might very well prepare ourselves to see some of the high-tech robots and devices on the battlefield.

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Well, these are just 10 of the endless possibilities that 5G and IoT have to offer. The internet is exploding with great speed results and tremendous developments in the IoT industry and this is just the beginning. IoT has always been the most fascinating branch of technology and now when we are on the verge of unlocking its full potential with the help of improved network abilities, the year 2021 is going to be the most crucial year for developments.

There is no doubt that the tech industry is growing exponentially and with all these advancements around us, we surely are in for a great ride.

Author’s Bio - Petra Jany is a tech enthusiast and an expert in writing a persuasive essay. She teaches savvy and always likes to read about new advancements in the tech world. She also works at Assignment Help Canada as an academic adviser.

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