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Using Mongoose's Populate in Next.Js

Overview of What We're Doing

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In the namecategories collection in MongoDB, we want to replace the object ids in tags, with the matching objects in the name tags Collection

So the end result will be:
name: "games"
tags: [
0: {_id: ...., nameTag: "I love you colonel Sanders", __v:0}
1: {_id: ...., nameTag: "Hatoful Boyfriend", __v:0}
2: {_id: ...., nameTag: "Dream Daddy", __v:0}
3: {_id: ...., nameTag: "Sephiroth", __v:0}

The Setup

The Page Calling the API

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The models:

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The API:

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The Problem

Every time I tried to populate with my "NameTag" collection {} was returned.

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However when I populated with my "User" collection it worked??🤨

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TLDR answer if you're having the same problem:

Import the model you're populating with. Even though it will be greyed out, the import is needed for the populate to work

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The Debugging Process

Testing to see if we can grab data from the "NameTags" database

I kept thinking "huh it seems like mongoose isn't able to communicate with the collection for some reason". And turns out this hunch was key to solving the problem!

So I tried to do NameTag.Find() to see if even that would work. And, wait for it...🥁🥁🥁 I originally got {} back.

Doh, of course it's {} since I didn't import the NameTag model on the top! 🤦😂

After it was imported it worked! Ta-dah!

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Then when I switched back to trying populate, it worked!

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When I removed "import NameTag from '../../../models/NameTag'" from the top and saved it initially worked. But when I restarted the terminal it no longer worked.

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When the import was re-added and the terminal restarted, it worked! So the import was key.

Why the User Model worked but NameTags didn't

The user model was imported in other app\pages

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However the NameTag model wasn't! To test this theory I moved the import out of the app\pages\api\name-categories file and into the app\pages\api\auth file.

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And what do you know the populate still works!

Working code

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Image description

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Basic Build Information:

"mongodb": "^4.13.0",
"mongoose": "^6.8.0",
"next": "12.3.1",
"node": "18.2.0"

Newest versions as of today:
"mongodb": "6.0.0"
"mongoose": "6.9.2"
"next" : "13.1.6"
"node" : "18.14.1 LTS/ 19.6.1 current"

My mongodb dependency is out of date, so that might be what's causing this bug and requiring the workaround.

Bonus! Ways to write out Populate

In the process of debugging I discovered there's many ways to write populate! So here's options for you to choose from:

  1. .populate( {path:"propertywithobjectids", model:"modelname"} ) + don't add ref to the model Image description

add ref inside the property which has the list of object ids to populate

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Special note:

  • the [{ }] syntax must be used, since you're creating an array of objects

  • Import schema:
    import {Schema} from "mongoose"

  • then type:
    type: Schema.Types.ObjectId,

3 populate(
add ref inside the property which has the list of object ids to populate

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If you don't want to import {Schema} from "mongoose" you can write

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