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I started to study HTML, its too easy. right?

jamieyookr profile image Jaemin Yoo ・1 min read

I have 5yrs of experiences of 2D graphic design tools, and my major is industrial design.

Thought need to add some more skills to increase my annual income, so I started to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript from this week.

First of all, I started to learn HTML, Its very easy to learn, even I think don't need to practice. Of course, once I start CSS and JS it would be getting difficult and need to spend a lot of time to get used to.

Anything, please give me some advice, kind of like 'You didn't start at all' or 'HTML is just nothing'

Thanks in advance.

Jamie from Sydney and Seoul.

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Giorgos Kontopoulos 👀 • Edited

HTML in principle is easy try to get a bit into semantic HTML next. Also
HTML goes hand in hand with CSS so don't isolate it. And later on see how javascript fits into the picture.

There is a lot of articles in here and elsewhere to keep you going, you might want to check out the as well

Keep it up

tomshudev profile image

I think that HTML is the easiest of the three, it doesn't get that complicated, although there are many ways to achieve different layouts.
But for layouts you'll need CSS, so I won't separate the two, they come together.

There are some good courses on Udemy about HTML, I took this one a while ago:
The instructor is really great!

darkwiiplayer profile image

HTML is easy, because it's just a way of structuring text. The difficult part is usually adding CSS to the HTML to actually make it look nice :D

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Daniel Schwarz

The syntax is easy, so easy in fact that most people think they've mastered HTML when they haven't.

mrdanielschwarz profile image
Daniel Schwarz

If you want to learn things that most HTML users have no clue about, look into:

Semantic markup
HTML form validation
Web performance

mreading2020 profile image

Learn the all properly. Don't cut corners.

arpymastro profile image

It's easy and it will not take much of your time. Make sure to cover fundamentals and have a plan ready that what you want to learn next. You should also create something with your learnings to practice very well.

devcoder profile image

I agree it is easy to learn but takes awhile to master it

marmeden profile image

There's much more behind related to SEO practices, semantic HTML, performance and accessibility. Not to mention that HTML comes with CSS hand by hand.

Don't stop learning.