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Discussion on: What's your opinion of doing free work in exchange for "exposure"?

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I think it depends, if you're a broke college student who has the skills to create something functional and of standard design quality, charge. If you are not pressed for money but need something to showcase a new skill, create a component or work on a composite for free or something small scale for free to showcase that skill. Why not? You get the practice and real-world evidence to show you possess this skill. Working for free or not doesn't have to be an absolute. Regardless of what it is, whatever benefit you need, make sure you attain that. Don't just give work away just because your friend asked you to, that's a lack of respect for you time and skill.

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Lewis kori Author

hmm...from the responses above and what I can make out is that benefits come in many different ways? especially when starting.

It's not always about monetary compensation isn't it?
Some of these projects will also help you grow as a person right?