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I redid my personal site last fall with Gridsome and Netlify. For the blog I just used markdown files. I added the Gridsome plugins source-filesystem and gridsome-remark. These allow you to use files on your system as a data source. I also installed remark-shiki for syntax highlighting in markdown code blocks. Andre Madarang has a video on youtube where he shows how he implements it. You can find it here youtube.com/results?search_query=a.... I realize this doesn't exactly answer the question that you had, but it is another option you could use with the stack you are going to go with. You can check out my site at mccarville.dev if you like. Oh, and I absolutely love Netlify for hosting, just make it so easy. Best of luck with whatever solution you choose!


Thank you! It's always nice to be aware of other possible solutions and existing stacks :)
I checked your site, it's nice! I like the colors and the overall clear/simple vibe.

And yes Netlify looks very promising, can't wait to host something with it!

Quick complementary question: where did you buy your .dev domain name? I'd like to buy one too and I saw offers around 12$ per year, which seemed a little to good to be true. Do you have advice or preferred services for buying a host name? Thanks!


Glad you like my site!

I originally used hover to buy my .dev domain(I waited the month for the prices to go down when the domain was first available), but now I use namecheap for all of my domains. I had domains registered in a couple of different places (including namecheap) and earlier this year I moved them all to namecheap when they had a transfer sale. Hope this helps!

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