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Personally, I love movie soundtracks that make me feel like I'm about to save the galaxy (or similar epic event happening) when working. Nothing makes me feel more productive or motivated than that ;). I've recently been obsessed with the show The Expanse, so that's definitely been in the rotation lately.

On the other hand, I can go through various phases from modern violin to instrumentals with more beats to them. It really fluctuates with my current mood.

I also put an extreme value in being able to listen to music (especially with headphones) when needing to concentrate. As someone with ADD, that's really important. Having the ability to block out distractions (talking, background noise, etc) is huge for keeping focus for me.


Totally agree with you! I'd like to add that games OSTs also helps me a lot with focusing or concentrating. I do believe that this is because, just like movies soundtracks, these songs were made for you keep your focus on what's happening on the screen, and the music just follows it.


Yup, the Interstellar score is perfection for working!


You would definitely try out where's the drop by Deadmau5 it always does it for me. Very stimulating!

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