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Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (August 20 edition)

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James Ray

It would be great if there are any Javascript devs who want to fix issues in the doctoc repo such as this one that I just filed!

[Feature request, help wanted] Filter doctoc by number of lines in a file #152

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jamesray1 commented on Aug 22, 2018

Filter doctoc, by default, to not add a ToC to files that are below 30 lines (20 lines would fit on a page on most screens); scrolling 10 lines is just about as easy as clicking on a link, then add a flag to change this number of lines.

I will circulate this to see if anyone has more time to work on this, and will add it to Pocket in case I can find time.

Also if there are any devs interested in working on building Ethereum 2.0, there is lots to do, e.g. building a bintrie for state storage. "Ethereum is a decentralized, self-contained economy for transactional computation and related data." I'm working on a gossipsub protocol as part of rust-libp2p, for more efficient p2p messaging, which will be able to used e.g. for IPFS, Ethereum, Polkadot, and other p2p networks!