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Luna CSS - Timeline Component


Recently I had to work on a project where it was agreed upon to use scss as it already came built into Angular. I found myself watching the following tutorial SASS Tutorial (Build Your Own CSS Library). Which I decided to build on top of to create a library to quickly style my personal projects. It's something I've always wanted to do but never actually got around to it!


Luna CSS A simple css framework which may (one day) have the css components your looking for.


npm install luna-css
For quick use link to luna-css/css/index.css for all the compiled css in your projects node modules folder.


I've always wanted a timeline component to showcase job history on my personal portfolio site. So through some tutorials I built a somewhat mobile responsive timeline component and a badge component and threw them together to create the following.

Timeline component desktop

Timeline component mobile


An example of using the timeline in your own project

      <div class="timeline p-1">
        <div class="timeline-body">
          <div class="timeline-item">
            <div class="content">
              <p class="time">Sept 2021</p>
              <h2 class="title font-lg">Associate Software Developer</h2>
              <h3>Rocket Innovation Studio</h3>
              <div class="mt-1">
                <span class="badge-red text-white mr-1">.NET Core</span>
                <span class="badge-blue text-white mr-1">Angular</span>
          <div class="timeline-item">
            <div class="content">
              <p class="time">Sept 2017</p>
              <h2 class="title font-lg">Software Developer</h2>
              <h3>Flex-N-Gate Canada</h3>
              <div class="mt-1">
                <span class="badge-red text-white mr-1">Laravel</span>
                <span class="badge-blue text-white mr-1">Vue</span>
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Pulling it into my personal portfolio project that currently uses an older version of tailwind css there are some class name clashes so I had to create more specific selectors to fix the little timeline-item bubble and you may have to as well depending if its an existing project or a new one.

What's next

I think a smaller bubble to showcase the beginning of the timeline would look great, and maybe changing the color pallet of the library to something else.... well see :)

Modified Timeline

Stay tuned!

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