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Hacktoberfest Open Source Projects using Laravel

jamesnm profile image James Moore ・1 min read

Fashionably late to the party, but does anyone know of any active open source projects using Laravel, beginner-friendly would be a great bonus.Let me know ! Ones involved with Hacktoberfest would be an even greater bonus !

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James Moore Author

thanks for the finds ! I've never thought of trying to contribute to the actual framework itself, I know must of the improvements are extremely minimal since 5.7. octobercms could be a thing I'll star it and hopefully something comes up thanks again !

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Drew Knab

Sure thing, and it's actually Laravel/framework where all the magic happens. Boo, me.

If you're interested in branching out from Laravel while sticking with PHP: was forked off of Laravel 4.2. Which was a perfectly fine release.

Not Laravel at all, but is a cool PHP based project. I used it at work in conjunction with Laravel in the past.

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