Why Microservices Are Like Line Dancing

James Hickey on February 21, 2019

This was inspired by Article No Longer Available You can blame @helenanders26 for this atrocity. Choreography... [Read Full]
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When the notification popped up letting me know about this post ... I laughed out loud in a very, very quiet office.

This made my day :)


That's awesome hahahaha


No regrets for any atrocities ... Ben you're next. Looking forward to "Why Bash is like the macarena".

Looking forward to that πŸ‘


Next up: Why Python is like English 😝


Wow πŸ˜‚just... I applaud you, sir.


Thanks! πŸ˜‚


I thought it was about software architecture. I was wrong.

Anyway, it was funny 😊



Almost! Hahaha

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