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re: Java, C++, or C#??? VIEW POST


I'm biased, but I'd say C#.

C++ is great if you want a career in building video games, IOT, etc. But if you are building web stuff? Nope. Forget it.

Java is really only used by big corps, banks, etc. That's why you get paid a little bit more than C# in general. Question is: Do you want to build huge year-long projects on massive teams?

C# I think is the most versatile since it's used in smaller web scenarios and bigger enterprise Java-like scenarios.

Unity (one of the biggest video game frameworks) allows C# and you can do IOT with .NET Core (since it's cross-platform).

It is also open source and updates are added very quickly, whereas C++ and Java not so much.

Extra bonus: you can build a .NET Core project super fast with (a) VS Code and (B) the .NET CLI.

Java and C++... not so easy to just throw things together...😂

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