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Discussion on: What is the meaning of the 90/10 rule of program optimization?

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James dengel

When programming we know there is a program flow, take embedded programming for instance and an IOT device, 90% of the time the program is doing very little it’s most likely in a super loop waiting for something to occur, when it does the program flow will change, activate a door, a light, a camera and then once complete it goes back to it’s super loop.

So nearly 99% of the time is spent looking at sensors and waiting for something to occur.

It can be a similar story for a webpage, the server will server up the landing page millions of times compared to the about page.
So 90% of the time you are on the landing page.

Therefore in both cases, it might not be the best use of time to optimise the part of the system that is only used 10% of the time.
This is what the quote is talking about.