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Announcing Echo, instantly start, share and collaborate on code

jamelhammoud profile image JamelHammoud ・2 min read

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce today that the waitlist has opened for Echo, a truly new collaborative development experience.

Sign up at

I’ve personally experienced FOCT many times (fear of coding together, yes I made it up) when trying to work on a project with a friend or with my team. Sure, there exists semi-solutions to this, but they’ve always missed out on the most important part: “collaboration”. I’ve tried everything from remote desktop to GitHub auto-push to server, and I’ve always felt like something was missing.

That’s when I had the thought almost every software developer has: “sigh I might as well make it myself”.

That passion has developed into this post today, where you can now join the Echo waitlist, to be among the first developers who can finally code together with ease.

Additional information for people who care:

  • Every project can be shared and collaborated on in realtime
  • Live preview of your code is built in, with a lock feature that can lock a certain file to the preview window while you are working on another (to see how one file affects another)
  • Every project can be exported as a zip file (for those who want that piece of mind)
  • There’s built in live chat, so you can chat while coding together (or apart)
  • Everything is secure and saved in the cloud, with daily backups of your code (I know how it feels to lose a project, hopefully you won't)
  • You can personalize (yes!) your workspace with built-in themes (which will be expanded later to custom, configurable and shareable themes)

Elephant in the room:

Yes, I know, there exists one or two platforms out there already that accomplish sorta the same goal, just know that I spent a lot of time searching for (and using) most, if not all, of those platforms and they just didn’t have that ‘Google Docs’ experience that I was looking for. If you’re in the same boat as me, your search is (hopefully) over.

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Martin Eboh

Congrats 🎉🍾🎊🎈. It’s a very useful idea