re: How do you get good at technical skill that you do not get to use in office ? VIEW POST

re: If I understand right you wish you improve skills not needed in the office. One great way of doing this is through personal projects! Lets say you ...

I think this plan is pretty solid.

But for me, I tend to prefer another order:

Learn through books/videos courses -> Hands on Personal Projects

I also look for opportunities in the industry for advancing skill. Like I look for certifications on it. Certifications, more than demonstrating to others you have the skill, is also a good way to pressure yourself to cover all the basics.

For my personal projects, I tend to do projects that can be published as an open source library/framework/code. This makes me more conscious that I have to make my code better because someone is actually going to look at it.


I completely agree with the order of learning you have and probably should have refrenced it originally in my comment. Never thought of using certifications to test yourself though, very good idea!

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