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Jake Sarjeant
Jake Sarjeant

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Day 4/100 (#100daysofcode)

Hey Everyone! I'm sorry that I didn't have time for the last 2 days, but I finally got back to work today.

Again, I didn't have too much time today, so I tackled a simple but important feature: the ability to submit posts. I created a simple form with a title field and a textarea for the body. Posts are stored in a posts table in the database. This table has 4 fields: 1 field, name for the title, 1 field body for the body, id as a unique id and primary key, and user. The latter one is a foreign key that connects each post to the user that created it and thereby enforces the relationship between users and posts.

This is a 1-to-many relationship, meaning that there can be multiple posts per user, but not multiple users for one post. After reading through the SQLite docs I found that SQLite does support foreign key relationships, but doesn't enforce them when the foreign_keys PRAGMA is not set. By default, the database's foreign_keys PRAGMA is OFF. So, if you use SQLite, you should make sure to run PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON; when creating the database.

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