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Finally Done with my personal portfolio Website.

Salam , looks unique

Awesome Command-Line tools to boost your productivity

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I used my own app for a month and here is what I learned

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The Best Community Curated Tutorials and Libraries for Any ML Topic

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VS Code: You don't need that extension

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Let's Talk About REGEX !!

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Let's Talk About REGEX !! Have you tried this

Hi am new here,


How to write a good commit message

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Decoding CSS art (🎨+πŸ’»)

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diff and patch explained

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A list of assignments I was given when interviewing for companies.

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How to cleanup your old Git branches

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Show off Github repos in your Gatsby site using Github GraphQL API

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Passport - Authentication using NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

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Moved My Blog Website From WordPress To With VueJS

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Exceptional Portfolio(?)

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Hello world??


React Hooks: Implementation of useState

We can write same on functional components with less code. W...

10 VSCode extensions that make your life easier [2020]

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How to use BEM

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How to make the HTML input fit the containing div

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HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

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List of top Open Source alternatives to popular products.

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Cheatsheet for cheatsheets

Salamalaikum, Jazakallah khair That helps a lot

React Hooks: (0 , _customhooks.default) is not a function

Destructure the props in MyJobList component properly in ({ p...

Whiteboard: React Hooks

Did you debuged you dependency array useEffect(fn,[dep arra...

I Created a Responsive Portfolio Website Using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript

whitespace required proper color pallet better keep cards no...

Deploy your website to Netlify in 2 mins.

You can use for that . Refer their docs it is sim...

Welcome Thread - v45

Asalamalaikum I am from Bangalore ,India . I am interested...