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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v132

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Jairus Tanaka

Heya! I'm Jairus!
I'm a self taught kid developer (I really mean a kid). I started programming five years ago and have absolutely ❤LOVED❤ it ever since. I enjoy making retro games with @battlelinegames , Coding in (tl;dr 😬) AssemblyScript, JavaScript, TS, Java, Golang, Arduino, Nim, and (a teeny tiny bit) of WAT.
I'm still a kid, (sophomore), but I have pretty big ambitions.
I'm part of the AssemblyScript Community Group, a former (and hopefully present) contractor with the NEAR Foundation, and the leader of multiple school chess clubs, and a lot more that I can't think of. 😂
I'm highly interested in:

Retro (and present) games
Playing chess
Any cool language that's out there
Ect. (tl;dr)
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See ya around! 😉

GitHub: (link above you)
Website: (its insecure for some reason.)

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Jairus Tanaka

Is this double-posting? Its not showing up on my end. :P