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Discussion on: How to run docker on Windows without Docker Desktop

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Jai Prakash Sharma

I followed all the steps but unable to run docker on my WSL2 -

Any help in debuggin -

sudo dockerd -H ifconfig eth0 | grep -E "([0-9]{1,3}.){3}[0-9]{1,3}" | grep -v 127.
0.0.1 |awk '{ print $2 }' | cut -f2 -d:

[sudo] password for jai:
INFO[2021-11-06T15:39:08.506977000+05:30] Starting up
WARN[2021-11-06T15:39:08.509171500+05:30] Binding to IP address without --tlsverify is insecure and gives root access on this machine to everyone who has access to your network. host="tcp://"
WARN[2021-11-06T15:39:08.509628200+05:30] Binding to an IP address, even on localhost, can also give access to scripts run in a browser. Be safe out there! host="tcp://"
WARN[2021-11-06T15:39:10.291048100+05:30] Binding to an IP address without --tlsverify is deprecated. Startup is intentionally being slowed down to show this message host="tcp://"
WARN[2021-11-06T15:39:10.292307700+05:30] Please consider generating tls certificates with client validation to prevent exposing unauthenticated root access to your network host="tcp://"
WARN[2021-11-06T15:39:10.292918800+05:30] You can override this by explicitly specifying '--tls=false' or '--tlsverify=false' host="tcp://"
WARN[2021-11-06T15:39:10.294801200+05:30] Support for listening on TCP without authentication or explicit intent to run without authentication will be removed in the next release host="tcp://"
failed to load listeners: listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address

jai@FA057586:~$ wsl
Wsman Shell commandLine, version 0.2.1

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Nelson Peña

I had the same error, it seems it's because you are using WSL version 1. Just run wsl --set-default-version 2, and re install your linux distribution.