I quit my job to study english and try luck in Australia (Brisbane)

jaimezjacinto profile image Jacinto Jaimez ・1 min read

I'm a software engineer from Argentina who after work at one of the largest gateways of Latin America as a backend developer I decided to take the next step, move abroad to develop my english, get a better life and find new and interesting challenges.

did you ever do something like this? do you have any advice?


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Wow, well done you to take action! It can be hard decision to leave your country. Good luck for that!

I assume your working experience is more than just a few months as Software engineer. So in that case I expect you will be fine in abroad with a good language skill.

If you have time, keep an eye on job posts.
I know a few people who applied and got the job before they moved to the UK.
I assume there are jobs advertised internationally as well which are located in Australia.


First of all congrats 🎉, that is a huge jump 👏🏻!

I would expect some one in your position to maybe go somewhere closer to dip your toe, like Brazil or maybe Colombia, but damn, Australia is on the other side of the world!

I am from Mexico and had the privilege to work for a company that sponsored me my first work Visa almost 10 years ago, and when the growth stopped jumped a couple of times to different companies. Fast forwarding to 2020, I've been working and living in the NY tri-state area and I am in love with most of it. I has been a great personal and professional opportunity that I though almost impossible when I was younger.

Muchas felicidades y espero logres muchos éxitos!


How's australia? How is the job market? I decide to move australia to study master of IT here. As a student how hard is it find job.


tons of company, if you have a visa that allows you to work full time you shouldn't have any problem to get a job.