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Jaime Morgan Hitchcock
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🆕 Just released SurrealDB for Microsoft Windows! 🚀

The easiest and preferred way to get going with SurrealDB on Windows is to install and use the SurrealDB command-line tool. Run the following command in your terminal and follow the on-screen instructions.

iwr -useb | iex
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What is SurrealDB?

SurrealDB is a newsql multi-model database, that operates in schemafull or schemaless mode, with tables, inter-document record links (no JOINs), and graph database modelling functionality. You can query it from the backend, or from frontend applications (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Electron, Tauri) with javascript, with in-built permissions and authentication.

Advanced querying & analysis

With full graph 📈 database functionality, SurrealDB enables more advanced querying & analysis. Multi-table, multi-depth document relationships can be retrieved efficiently in the #database without complicated #JOINS, & without any table scans. 🥳

Data constraints

Easily ➕ add field and data constraints directly to your data in SurrealDB. Use schemafull or schemaless data access methods, so that the #database always fits to the needs of your data.

Store and query geographical data

Store and query 📍🗺 geographical GeoJSON data directly in the database. SurrealDB is designed to be flexible to use for all developers. 👌

And much, much more...

More info on SurrealDB can be found below:
Our GitHub repo
My previous post

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driib profile image
Andrew Berezovskyi

Reposting my HN question without an answer: What kind of interface and format is used to work with graphs? Many graph queries (your query language looks inspired by Cypher to me) require returning subgraphs, which need to be represented as a graph and not a tree (JSON, XML, etc.). Do you support TinkerPop-like APIs or RDF formats? Or do you use any alternatives (JSON is not such an alternative, of course)?

tobiemh profile image
Tobie Morgan Hitchcock

Hi @driib , sorry I missed your question on HN! SurrealDB doesn't yet support returning RDF triples or formats like that. Instead the query runs in the database and returns the 'final' nodes which match the query, and/or the matching paths to those final nodes in the query. We do want SurrealDB to be useful within the research / academic community too in due course, so this is definitely something that we are interested in looking into further though! Would be great to get more of an understanding of how / what an example query would do, and the intended purpose?

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