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Discussion on: Build a Raffle with Google Sheet

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Jorge Eψ=Ĥψ Author

Wooaa a raffle with 8300 participants!!! Yes, the problem with my example is that I was thinking in 20-30 participants and I read row by row

The solution comes changing the way we read all rows, so change the for in the getRemains method with:

for(var i=3; i<ss.getLastRow()+1;){
var from = i;
var to = from+100; //google has a max of 100 rows per read
var rows = ss.getRange("A"+from+":D"+to).getValues();
for( r in rows ){

if( !rows[r][0] ){

if( !rows[r][3] ){
// rowIndex, name and surname
ret.push( [i,rows[r][0],rows[r][1]] )



I updated the gist with this change.

Thanks for your comment.