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Interesting article and some good tips. Although I have to say I've recently adopted a more relaxed attitude about keeping up with change. I find it's worthwhile keeping abreast of new ideas, frameworks and technologies, however, they can rise, fall and mutate so quickly that unless you're in a position to use it within a reasonable time frame, learning it may turn into a fruitless excercise.

I find it better to simply have faith in myself that when it's time to get back up to speed that I'll be able to do so. Whilst I'm on a longer term project worrying too much about the next latest thing can create a sense of being left behind, but I just remind myself that when I'm ready I'm sure I'll be able get back up to speed.


Thank you.

I agree with you that everything new should be taken with extra care since we don't know if it's worthwhile learning. At the end, we need to know stuff that will help us land a job. We can like something more or less, but if it's required we must be familiar with it.

Having faith in yourself is a good thing and if you are an experienced developer, jumping into something new in a short period of time shouldn't be much of a problem.

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