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re: If you have the logic in the stored procedure I'm not sure you can effectively do "unit tests". What you can do is setup the database, run the sto...

@rhymes , thanks for responding with your thoughts.
In terms of the database, we have a Visual Studio Database Project, this provides a "Dacpac" including specific pre-canned data for our tests. The test suite then uses the Dacpac to drop and create the database when the tests run. This means the data is consistent on every run.

The original reason for not placing the business logic in the domain was actually because we're implementing a CQRS style of design. It's not full on CQRS, but it does mean that we've got a query only path in the application. This particular query sits on the query side of the application. It's only after we knocked up the stored procedure that i realised that we were actually implementing business rules in the query and that they should really be tested.

It sounds like, from your point of view, that the approach we've taken makes sense to you. The more I explain it, the more comfortable I am becoming with it - certainly from a pragmatic point of view

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