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re: Personally I prefer ink and paper over digital, feels more permanent and the writting process is more involved and you also work on your penmanship...

Thanks for the comment. I prefer analogue also, but the thing I really miss over digital is being able to do a text search.


I do a hybrid. Analog in the moment, with a transfer to digital later. I still think best with pen and paper, but like the digital for organizing and referencing.

Good idea!
Do you type it in or scan it to digital?

I type it in. There is something about the process that helps me retain that the notes exist.

Thanks, that's really interesting to hear.


The choice of whether to use analogue or digital doesn't have to be binary (excuse the pun), it could be a hybrid of both! You could make scans or take photos of your analogue notes and add them to a digital note service that offers OCR to create a searchable archive! Sure it is a bit more work but it is worth it! Then you get the best of both worlds with the added bonus of creating a digital backup. That's my top tip on the subject of code journalling.

Great tip!
I think I would have to have a way to quickly scan things, as otherwise it wouldn't happen 🙈
That's me though.
Evernote may be a great option here.


The beauty of the thing is that is personal, I prefer the mess of lines connecting, tha doodles, the sometimes landscape usually portrait and occasional 2 pages diagrams, the colors! is almost like built in encription.

Now, for digital if you use Python, Jupyter is amazing, is almost designed for a tech journal and now also works for R, Julia and Haskell!

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