Writing Immutable and Functional JavaScript

Jacob Evans on August 14, 2019

Immutable Concepts and Techniques Reasons for using immutable practices in JavaScript and React: Lowers surface areas for b... [Read Full]
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This is great!
I wish everyone would read this. :)

I have been trying to subtlety nudge my other team members in this direction.
Especially in regards to pure functions.

Code usually becomes much more destructured, easier to refactor, re-use, etc.
When using concepts like these, in my experience. :)


Really glad you like it. I tried to not get overly complex and explain it as simply as I could... My joke is if I can explain it to my none technical friends and family then it's ready... This could still be better 😆😅

Thank you! 😁


const twoAddedPointFree = arr.map(addTwo) // [ 3, 4, 5]


🤣🤣🤣🤣 I math'd wrong 😅😅😅

Thank you! 😁


Welcome! You know it'd be great if you add some examples of the perils of mutating objects / data in an app, and how it can lead to debugging nightmare. Just a thought.

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