re: Email Campaigns. When almost 90% of the web is made up of images, why are emails still so different? (hint: blame Viagra) VIEW POST


HTML Email is the Bane of my existence. When I was working as an Intern, most of my day to day was testing the new layouts and features Marketing wanted to add into the emails. Luckily we were a big enough company that I had basically unlimited credits in whatever tool they used "Inbox Checker".

Last I checked, Outlook still uses Word's rendering engine to output the emails. Good luck getting anything Responsive in your emails that works across all major platforms.


100% agree with everything in that second paragraph.

Outlook does still use Word's engine, but even then there are discrepancies between their displays. I should've ended this post with:

Ultimately, if you want to use email in your digital marketing campaigns, ask somebody else to do it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it.

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